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hollister out letBefore heard an elder , fear is five years old now , long ago divorced, single for a long time , these days playing micro-channel to talk to an aunt , two of the same age might , so it can be considered a period of time through a network of love and the New Year when the New Year with each other to invite him in the past , this news was the unanimous opposition of relatives and friends , because we all feel so you get older , would like to some Twilight love ? And the other party is also in Shaanxi so far , besides understanding or through the network , worried that he cheated in the past coal mining , in fact, pro- opposition people more out of concern , like cheated out of coal mining example television uncommon, but there are expected time because of various concerns , give perhaps reach happiness? So sometimes you care about others for the purpose of Hello give you some advice , but not necessarily for you.

But I support him, I think everyone has the right to hollister out pursue their own happiness , because of fear of some of the expected concerns, and give up hard-won happiness exists and perhaps this really worth it? It takes courage to grasp happiness , long time ago , I always wanted to live to Chitose , so I can have a lot of time to pursue his or her own thing , but this is obviously unlikely , then I want to see, just as the movie saying: "Life is not the moment you breathe , but in those moments so you can not breathe ." in fact, the value of life is the same, is not how long you live , but rather those who truly meaningful moments make you happy .

Enjoy the love , sometimes people always give up the pursuit of happiness for a variety of reasons , perhaps themselves very frustrated , or no money , leading to confident consider themselves good enough to each other, but also a great number of people choose to crush , but in any case , I believe that if you love someone hollister out, the heart must be happy , as long as see her , is enough to make you fly touch of bright red cheeks , rapid heart beat, that moment, you can clearly hear your own heartbeat , so every day is worth expectations. Maybe you will not have the results , she will never choose you, but the results really that important? You love her , at least in this process , you are joyful , to pay for her , care for her silence , her smiles, touches your heart , as long as she looked happier , you will not do heartfelt happiness ? Enjoy the taste of love .

I remember a long time ago I said: "Not necessarily in the way lovers to grow old ." Is not it? Why the lovers break up , they want no dealings from this , there will not be any intersection, before I , too, because I was afraid that once I saw after breaking a girl loved another man will one day depend on Wye , and that is a terrible thing , ah, until one day I had a dream , in a dream , she died , hollister out you know , when I was in a dream, so clearly realized that she disappeared in this world , no matter how how I cried and cried tears , but never never see that familiar figure , never again have any news of her , then I realized that compared to this , looking at her future in someone else pregnant uncomfortable that point, then what ? ? Friend , when you break up and then also do not contact you deceived everyone, but do not fool yourself, you obviously was so worried about her, you obviously want to listen to her voice, you obviously want to look at one look at her bright smile , even if you've become very familiar with , even if a different life causes no topic too much , even though many times in my dreams you have not see her like that was once the most intimate person , you how can truly do not care , just like the story once just a dream ? You deceive yourself? You can not fool yourself ! Then why do not you brave , do not have concerns, face their true heart !

Love less and less valuable , because the little things hollister out always hear people quarrel , until evolved into a break up, there is a saying how to say, "Love withstand wind and rain , but can not stand bland ." Society " fast food" style prevalent , fast food style novel, fast-food style games, and even love is getting some fast-food trend, young people because of loneliness improvise together , but so unwilling to life , he considered himself still young , there are too many possibilities, indeed so, indeed there are many possibilities , maybe you can find a more beautiful , perhaps you can find more money , but you can not find another girl like her , she can not replace anyone but no one also can not substitute for her. In the end what is valuable ? Sometimes the girls will often see some very realistic pursuit of material , which is actually nothing wrong , no matter the pursuit , the boys , too, because the substance is a bearer of desire , you can meet a lot of strange substances have the desire , but sometimes you are not lost the essence of which fall ? For you in the end what is most valuable ? You really need to LV bags , you need Tyrant gold , you need to house and car? With these after that? Do you think you high ? Western style ? Grade ? But you also feel that you hypocritical , you think you vulgar , you suddenly find that you are truly sincere emotion pure goodness I do not know what time has been lost in the dust inside . What you need is not a Tyrant RV bags of gold, you just desire a man loves you , really loves you, he fondly Mouli only your shadow , even if you hungry, even if you displaced , even in the world enemies , you will not separate , you have no fear , steadfast !

I like to watch "You Are the One" , I found that no matter what kind of woman , even if she worships money and then how , then how forces , no matter how arrogant ! She would cry like a woman , also like a woman wants to be loved , no matter how strong her , no matter how disguised , even if she is a female man , even though she is a green bitch , even though she is all in the eyes of the goddess , maybe she was a sex worker , no matter who she is , she also has a small woman 's side, she will want to remove the heavy armor to protect themselves , naked soul , fall asleep in the arms hollister out of love . ( Read the article : www.sanwen.net)

I say friend , when you lie in bed at night , gazing at the ceiling when it is not like me too , saw a girl , is on his own brilliant smile ......

There is a poem : willing to have a heart , hollister outnot the first phase from the white .